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The Dynamic Instruments DI Reliant Digital Voice Logger can provide immediate access to the daily inbound/outbound audio transactions and requests that occur at your transportation facility. Quickly determine the accuracy of conversations that transpire over the phone and during the radio dispatching of personnel. Save the best of your calls for training or evaluation/review when required.

Reliability is built into the heart of the DI Reliant digital voice logger solution for recording radio and telephone lines, including internal hot swappable RAID1/RAID5 storage solutions and hot swappable power supplies.

More than ever today, with the increased security issues you face daily, you need a high-quality digital recording solution with multi channel recording and playback.

Additional features that can be added to enhance the DI RELIANT® PSAP Recording solution:
  • VoIP - True VoIP integration with input via SPAN Port/VLAN
    • Integrates into the Reliant chassis without the need for additional pieces of hardware
    • Combine VoIP, Analog and Digital into one rack mount unit
  • Radio ID
  • Centralized Storage - Data from multiple loggers can be stored in a central area
  • LAN Based DVD Playback - Play archived DVD-RAM discs right at your desk
  • Contact Closure - Trigger the segmentation of one call to another
  • Alarm Broadcast - On a defined alarm condition:
    • Send email notification
    • Call or page a telephone number
    • Trigger external lights, buzzers etc.

A customized installation plan designed for your specific requirements is available. Please Contact Us for further information.

Digital Recording Solutions for Transportation Sectors

  • DI Reliant
    Core component of DI state of the art digital voice recording solution.
  • DI VoiceVault
    Voice logger designed for the PSAP dispatch environment
  • Enhanced Courier
    Software application that provides remote access, playback and processing of call data.
  • Courier
    Allows the retrieval, processing and playback of call data
  • DI InSight
    Quality assurance software used to evaluate, measure and track staff performance.
  • DI Record on Demand
    Provides direct control over the starting and stopping of individual channel recording and tracking of agents.
  • DI SDK
    Application programming interface for establishing a connection with a DI digital voice logger system.
  • CallSafe
    Fault tolerant and secure external data storage device
  • NetFLARE
    Alarm notification software
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