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Other Sectors

Air Traffic Control
More than ever today, with the increased security issues you face daily, you need a high-quality digital recording solution with multi channel recording and playback.
Contact Center
Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with digital voice logging and agent evaluation software.
Collection Agency
Recording, monitoring, analyzing and evaluating customer service inbound/outbound phone calls allows a closer hands-on supervision of interactions.
Dynamic Instruments provides the construction industry with advanced technology solutions for business challenges and critical decision making.
Call recording insures that any verbal transactions occurring over the telephone or at a trading turret will be available for review should a dispute arise.
A key to improving the quality of patient care is through IT technologies that include digital voice logging and quality monitoring systems.
Homeland Security
It is an absolute requirement for users to find and retrieve the recorded calls quickly and to playback the recorded conversation.
Insurance contact center’s requirement is to faithfully record and retain transactional, order entry, event calls in case of disputes, or to track customer satisfaction.
Military & Government
Reliability is crucial to Military and Government sectors and this is a primary focus around which the DI RELIANT® is designed and built.
The DI Reliant Digital Voice Logger can provide immediate access to the daily inbound/outbound audio transactions and requests that occur at your transportation facility.
Call recording provides your Utility contact center with state of the art tools assisting you in handling service requests, service outage calls and radio dispatching of personnel.
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