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Fault Tolerant Redundancy Options

Fault-tolerance is an industry standard that provides for redundancy by specifying the duplicating of only certain system components within a single Digital Voice Radio Logger.

This duplication usually consists of power supplies and/or media devices. It is a redundant solution but never fully redundant because it only provides tolerance for the potential failures or faults of certain specific system components, thus the name fault-tolerant. Since the cost of fully duplicating Digital Voice Radio Recording Systems is higher than purchasing a single system many agencies find that specifying fault tolerant redundancy within a single system can be a cost effective solution from the simplest to the most complex Digital Recording needs.

Fault-tolerance redundancy is standard on all Reliant® Digital Voice Radio Audio Logging Systems. Standard redundant components include dual hot swap 120GB RAID 1 hard drives and matching hot swap power supplies. Options include upgrading from RAID1 to RAID5 and/or installing a second 9.4GB DVD-RAM disc drive.

Fault-tolerant RAID configurations:

RAID configurations have unique performance characteristics that allow the data to be recalculated or regenerated should any single drive in the array fail. When an independent disc in the RAID configuration fails, hardware/software simply directs all application requests to the surviving disc or discs until a replacement drive is installed. The system is restored by rebuilding all of the data using information from the surviving data discs and once the rebuild process is complete all data is again protected from loss due to any failure of a single hard disc drive.

  • RAID 1 (single hardware controller and two hard disc drives) - Standard
  • RAID 5 (single hardware controller and three or more hard disc drives) – Optional for higher mass storage requirements
Fully Redundant Fault Tolerant Digital Voice Audio Recording System:

The definition of full redundancy is the complete duplication of two or more systems running in parallel. The fully redundant Digital Voice Logging Solutions are comprised of two or more matching Reliant® Digital Voice Radio Audio Recording Loggers with fault tolerance built in standard to each fully duplicated system.

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