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DI Record on Demand (DI ROD)


Now you can have direct control over the starting and stopping of individual channel recording, tracking agents as they move from seat-to-seat and merging call related information from other communication or management data systems with your call recordings.

Whether its agent driven or completely automated, DI ROD or DI CTI SDK will integrate seamlessly with the DI Reliant® and Di VoiceVault™ to meet your requirement.

Dynamic Instruments’ Record on Demand (DI ROD) brings you easy-to-use agent controlled GUI client solutions:


Individuals control when they record their telephone calls. Use DI ROD to manage call recording for executives, managers, administrators, lawyers or anyone who wants to selectively record calls or with Contact Center agents when only sales wrap up or sales confirmation recording is required.


Agents log in at the start of their shift and calls are automatically coded with their log-on identity until the agent logs-off … regardless of their work station location. Using either the recorder’s GUI or DI’s remote replay client, you can easily search call records by agent id across any available recorder channels. No more scanning channel by channel to find a specific agent’s calls.


Attach social security number, incident number, account number, sales order number, sales call status codes, emergency call content type or other call related data to calls as they occur. Finding call records by your customized data parameter across any combination of available recorder channels is a breeze.

DI ROD comes in two configurations:
  • DI ROD Lite when you only need one of the above parameters (on-demand recording, free seating or data integration) at each workstation.
  • Need them all? Order full featured DI ROD - each workstation is configures to allow use of any or all three parameters.
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