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ReBOUND is a software application installed on TCP/IP Local Area or Wide Area Network based Win2000/XP workstations in order to provide instant delivery and playback of recorded calls.

ReBOUND provides access of up to the last 50 calls on either one or two channels of audio per workstation. A total of up to 100 calls can be accessed with a single click of the mouse.

No additional hardware is required, freeing up precious workstation or console space. Your investment in software will also be substantially lower than corresponding hardware required for this application.

Rebound’s client application software is the latest in “streaming audio” technology for instant delivery and playback of recorded calls on a remote, multimedia Windows PC.

Rebound supports two channels of audio per station, with 50 calls per channel available for instant access. Calls are cataloged in the background at the client workstation. Once the operator has selected a specific audio file, the information is transmitted across the network in a compressed data format.

File decompression and .wav file conversion occurs at the client workstation while the file is being played. Replay can be stopped midstream and alternate calls immediately selected allowing operators the ability to search and replay a series of mission critical calls. DI has carefully optimized ReBOUND’s performance minimizing client station storage and local area network loading impacts which providing a fast, versatile retrieval tool.

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