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DI Courier

DI Courier allows the retrieval, processing and playback of call data residing on DI Reliant® and VoiceVault™ systems from Windows 2000/XP workstations on your TCP/IP based Local Area or Wide Area Network.

Search for call data using parameters such as date/time, channel, DTMF, ANI/Caller ID, ALI, Radio ID, duration, call direction and appended notes. Each call can be converted to .WAV files as attachments to email messages, local storage or duplication.

Courier provides simultaneous multi-user access to a common digital audio radio voice VoIP logger, as well as access by a specific user to multiple digital audio radio voice VoIP recorders. Users are able to monitor calls live, playback and create libraries of calls linked with notes.

A powerful report package allows users to generate reports in text and color graph format that display call traffic across desired channels on an hour by hour basis (traffic shaping) or individual call volume on a channel by channel basis during a specified date and time. Call data fields such as appended notes can be used in conjunction with basic date, time and channel to create unique reports that present very specific information.

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