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DI Reliant Digital Voice Recording

DI Reliant

The DI RELIANT® is Dynamic Instruments flagship product and a core component of our state of the art digital voice recording solution. The standard PSAP Recorder is a fault tolerant Windows® XP system engineered to address mission critical environments using dual hot swappable 120GB RAID1 hard drives in a dual hot swappable power supply chassis.

Standard features included with the DI RELIANT® PSAP Recording solution:

  • Reports - Total system security reporting as well as usage reports in text and color graphs all available for printing or exporting
    • User Activity - provide historical audit trail of processes by user ID
    • Call volume by hour - view traffic shape over a period of time as color graph
    • Call volume by channel - compare channel activity as color graph
    • Export - send call data to Excel or Crystal Reports for processing
  • Media Library - Provide a listing of all archived 9.4GB DVD-RAM discs
  • Up to 192 Channels in single box - Analog, Digital, VoIP or any combination of the three
  • Fault Tolerant - Dual 120GB RAID1 Hot Swap Hard Drives
    • Internal and external multi-terabyte RAID5 solutions available
  • Dual Power Supplies - Hot swappable
  • 9.4GB DVD-RAM - Archive Drive
  • Enhanced Courier - Robust remote search and playback software for:
    • Incident Re-creation - re-create entire incidents
    • Audio processing - combine or save only a portion of a call record as MP3, WAV, or WMA

Additional features that can be added to enhance the DI RELIANT® PSAP Recording solution:

  • VoIP - True VoIP integration with input via SPAN Port/VLAN
    • Integrates into the Reliant chassis without the need for additional pieces of hardware
    • Combine VoIP, Analog and Digital into one rack mount unit
  • Radio ID
  • Centralized Storage - Data from multiple loggers can be stored in a central area
  • LAN Based DVD Playback - Play archived DVD-RAM discs right at your desk
  • Contact Closure - Trigger the segmentation of one call to another
  • Alarm Broadcast - On a defined alarm condition:
    • Send email notification
    • Call or page a telephone number
    • Trigger external lights, buzzers etc.

Dynamic Instruments (ISO 9001 certified) has been making ruggedized recorders for the military for over twenty years. They focus on creating user friendly, reliable, IBM compatible digital voice audio recording systems. ECS believes that this commitment to stability, ease of use and non-proprietary hardware are the key features essential to mission critical dispatch logging and mobile audio recording systems.

Reliability is crucial in the field of public safety and a primary focus around which the Dynamic Instruments DI RELIANT® is designed and built. The expertise gained by Dynamic Instruments in deploying ruggedized digital voice audio recorders for use in military operations has been a cornerstone in their architecture of a reliable digital voice audio logging solution.

In the DI RELIANT® Dynamic Instruments has created an effective mission critical dispatch recording system that is easy to use. The menus and layout of the interface for the software are so intuitive that a novice user can sit down and begin searching for calls within a few minutes.

Purchasing a mission critical PSAP logging system that utilizes non-proprietary hardware will save budgetary dollars. The price for non-proprietary commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) components is determined by competition in a free market environment that effectively works to keep prices fair and readily available. The cost and item availability of proprietary hardware is mandated at the discretion of the company who owns the proprietary product. It is not unusual to find a proprietary PSAP Recording System or component discontinued and unsupported well before that of a commensurate non-proprietary PSAP Recording Solution. In fact many logging manufacturers of proprietary equipment put an "End of Life" tag on their products after only 5 years.

The DI RELIANT® can be expanded to deliver a number of enhanced features using software and hardware applications that remotely access and control the recorder in various ways.

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