DI Computer Telephony Integration Software Developer's Kit

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DI Computer Telephony Integration Software Developer's Kit

DI Computer Telephony Integration Software Developers Kit
Software Development Kit


The Computer Telephony Integration Software Developer's Kit (DI CTI SDK) is an application programming interface for establishing a connection with a Dynamic Instruments digital voice logger to control or automate functions of the digital voice recording system.

This kit allows a programmer the ability establish a connection with a DI Recorder, to monitor the status of information exchanges, to control the starting and stopping of the recording process on individual channels, to notify the recorder of who is sitting at each position and to instruct the recorder to place call related information into call database fields you specify.

The DI CTI SDK can provide support for key system applications such as:

  • Activation of recording mode when a customer agrees to a purchase
  • Integrate ANI/ALI information into E911 call recordings
  • Append CAD Incident number to related E911 call recordings
  • Append radio identifiers and aliases to radio recordings
  • Append calling parties' number, DNIS, trunk routing, hold time, and other phone parameters to call records
  • Append account, social security or other identification numbers to call records
  • Specific Status Codes

If you need any of these features and don't have a programmer on staff let us customize it for you. We offer customized integration services to support your specialized needs.

Contact us to discuss the details of your requirement and we can provide a custom quote.

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