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Additional Products

DI Reliant Digital Voice Recording
The DI RELIANT® is Dynamic Instruments flagship product and a core component of our state of the art digital voice recording solution. The standard PSAP Recorder is a fault tolerant Windows® XP system engineered to address mission critical environments using dual hot swappable 120GB RAID1 hard drives and dual hot swappable power supply chassis'.

DI VoiceVault Digital Voice Logger
DI VoiceVault™ is a robust voice logger designed for the PSAP dispatch environment that doesn't need the added functionality of the DI Reliant®.

DI Enhanced Courier
Enhanced Courier is a software application installed on LAN/WAN based Win2000/XP computers in order to provide remote access, playback and processing of call data residing on one or multiple DI Reliant® or DI VoiceVault™ dispatch voice and radio recording systems.

DI Courier
DI Courier allows the retrieval, processing and playback of call data residing on DI Reliant® and VoiceVault™ systems from Windows 2000/XP workstations on your TCP/IP based Local Area or Wide Area Network.

DI ReBOUND is a software application installed on TCP/IP Local Area or Wide Area Network based Win2000/XP workstations in order to provide instant delivery and playback of recorded calls.

DI InSight Performance Evaluation
DI InSight® is quality assurance software used to evaluate, measure and track staff performance on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

DI Record on Demand (DI ROD)
Now you can have direct control over the starting and stopping of individual channel recording, tracking agents as they move from seat-to-seat and merging call related information from other communication or management data systems with your call recordings.

DI Computer Telephony Integration Software Developers Kit
The Computer Telephony Integration Software Developer's Kit (DI CTI SDK) is an application programming interface for establishing a connection with a Dynamic Instruments digital voice logger to control or automate functions of the digital voice recording system.

CallSAFE for DI Reliant Digital Voice Recording
CallSAFE is a fault tolerant and secure external data storage device designed to operate in a mirrored architecture so that critical system components can be replaced without impacting system operations.

DI NetFLARE Alarm Notification Software
NetFLARE is alarm notification software for monitoring single or multiple digital audio radio voice VoIP recorders from any TCP/IP Local Area or Wide Area Network based Win2000/XP computers.

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